Pogas Affordable Transport Service

3 Wheeler Transportation



  1. Introduction

    The production of (3WB) was first started in India and then China over fifty years ago. In recent times the use of these 3WB has spread to many other countries such as Mexico, Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Egypt, Cuba and more. Currently, over one million bikes are produced by India alone.

  2. Advantage

    These 3WB are very economical to maintain and affordable to own. Most businesses require transportation and the traditional forms of transport are very expensive and out of reach of the majority who need them.

  3. General

    Jamaica is no different in terms of the need for affordable transport in business as well as personal use. Further, these units would not only enhance growth in the economy but will be very necessary and a beneficiary of the expected growth. Based on our research and observation Jamaica remains a huge untapped market for 3WB.
    We estimate that based on the current size of the regular vehicle market, 3WB could easily capture approximately ten percent which would reach a market size of sixty thousand (60,000) units in the near future, once proper promotion and exposure is provided. This figure translates to Thirty Nine Billion dollars ($39B) in potential sales. We anticipate that this figure could be attained within five years so we do appreciate that you recognize the size of the market.

  4. Our Plans

    We plan to introduce these 3WB to the Jamaican market by targeting the sectors that can best be served by their use, such as:-

    • Farmers
    • Distributors
    • Small business people
    • Food vendors
    • Skilled workers eg. Plumbers, carpenters etc
    • Restaurants – pizza etc
    • Cooking gas dealers
    • Schools
    • Tourist industry
    • Hardware stores

    The above listing is but a few of the industries that will be able to use these 3WB

  5. Employment

    These 3WB will also be used to create employment opportunities. Companies will be able to expand their distribution net work by the use of these 3WB through private contractors and in a very economical way. We project employment of 1,000 persons could be attained in the first year and would continue to rise based on sales.

  6. Private Contractors

    Private contractors will have access to these 3WB by either hire purchase arrangements or by rental from the suppliers. This will offer a whole new business for persons who are currently unemployed or under employed due to their financial situation.

  7. Finance

    It is reported that a company in Egypt experienced an increase of fifty percent in sales when they decided to provide finance. Hence, we plan to work with a finance house to provide three to four years financing which could make monthly payments fall between $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per month which would make it affordable to all users

  8. Funding Requirement - $23m

    To be used as follows

    Purchase of Bikes - $12m
    Purchase of Fixtures - 7m
    Working Capital - 4m

    The Number of bikes being purchased Is 27 initially along with spare parts.

  9. Exposure

    Our 3WB will be introduced to the Jamaican market by doing road shows island wide. Further, our plan is to utilize these 3WB for our business so that they will be immediately placed on the roads for exposure. These units will be properly branded and will create its own market awareness. Many customers only get interested in products when they see them in use, hence we will be going after this market.

  10. Selling Price

    The current selling price ranges between $600,000.00 to $650,000.00 to the consumer. This figure includes approximately $200,000.00 in duties, taxes, GCT. We are currently trying to negotiate with the government for some concessions which will allow us to reduce the selling price. The response from the Minister suggests that they appreciate our concerns and are prepared to take our discussions into consideration but we have not yet received any final decision.

  11. Local Manufacturing/Assembling

    In an effort, however, to see reduced prices, we are also currently looking at the possibility of doing these units locally which would save a significant amount of duty etc thereby allowing us to reduce the selling price. It is also noteworthy that our suppliers support this approach and see this as a further opportunity to penetrate other countries in our region. This obviously would mean significant export and increased business potential for our own company. We are however, not waiting on any of these possibilities as we feel we can still provide the market with our products at these price levels until such time.

  12. Jamaican Stock Market

    It is our intention to have our company listed on the Jamaican Stock Market in approximately one year. We see this approach as benefitting our price at listing and also as a means of guaranteeing success. This view is also shared by a stock brokering company that we have had discussions with and are prepared to work with us. We have also held discussion with the Jamaican Stock Exchange that is anxious to see us listed and feel we are in a good position based on what we have to offer both in terms of products and value.

  13. Stock Market Listing

    We propose to list the usual required amount of twenty percent (20%) of the company based on the registered shares of 400,000,000 units. This twenty percent would represent 80,000,000 shares. We project that shares will be listed at between $3.00 to $3.50 based on projected earnings. This listing accordingly, will bring in approximately $260,000,000.00 which would be used to expand our business to satisfy the demand for 3WB which we anticipate.

  14. Tourism

    These 3WB will also be rented to tourist which is another major market and will generate significant revenue to our company in the form of rental income. Again, employment will be created for drivers of these units in the event that the tourists may not always want to drive them themselves. Also, tours can be arranged for tourist by these drivers.

  15. Marketing

    Marketing will form an integral part of our promotion. The forms of marketing that will be used are listed below:-

    • Social Media
    • Television advertizing
    • Newspaper
    • Radio
    • Road shows
  16. Management

    The Managing Director, Mr. O.K. Francis is an Accountant by profession. Prior to starting his own business in 1983 Mr. Francis held the positions as follows:-

    • 1981-1983 – Chief Accountant – Jamaica Oxygen & Acetylene
    • 1978-1981 – Business Manager – National Sugar Company
    • 1974-1978 – Assisting Managing Director – Small Cars Limited

    O.K Francis pioneered the business of display fixtures in Jamaica in 1983 and still remains the dominate force in this field with the most recognized brand name of Pogas. Mr. Francis is no stranger to establishing new markets as he has done this with display fixtures, utility trailers, vehicle tracking and mobile phones for motor cars before the advent of cellular phones.

  17. Staffing

    Managing support is provided by Mr. Leighton Dixon who has been an Accountant over forty years.

  18. Marketing – Director

    Mrs. Marsha Edwards, the daughter of O.K Francis holds an MBA and has experience in providing financial planning in several North American companies, namely:-

    • Carnival Cruise Line – Finance Analysis
    • Royal Caribbean – Finance Analysis
    • Enron
  19. Board of Directors

    Dr. Omar Francis – Businessman
    John Jackson – Stock Market Expert
    Leighton Dixon
    Marsha Edwards – MBA
    O.K. Francis< Phillip Bernard – Attorney-at-Law

  20. Financial Health

    Our company has substantial assets with virtually no debts.

  21. Summary

    This business has the potential to become one of the largest industries in Jamaica within a very short time. There is no limit to the potential of this business. This business will contribute as well as benefit from all economic activity in Jamaica. We must again summarize some of these areas:-

    • Farming
    • Tourism
    • Transportation
    • Distribution
    • Provision of existing services
    • Creation of new service
    • Logistic activities
    • Creation of employment
    • Manufacturing
    • Enhancement of small business activities

    We welcome your interest and look forward to your participation.

O.K. Francis