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in order to adapt to the athletes in winter training, the Nike launched a new Nike Free Trainer Shield 7 series products, and the launch of the three new products were presented in black, khaki and silver shoes with durable waterproof material NIKE (DWR) for vamp material, suede lining can collocation barefoot, of course, most of us feel comfortable or NIKE FREE 7 in the bottom of the join, and solid tread soles, also increased in outdoor training grip and durability. It is expected to be on sale in the spring of 2013, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. 2012-9-28 09:21 upload and download attachments (79.42 KB) 2012-9-28 09:21 upload download attachment (199.65, KB) 2012-9-28 09:21 upload download attachment (104.11, KB) 2012-9-28 09:21 upload download attachment (95.19, KB) 2012-9-28 09:21 upload download attachment (286.29, KB) 2012-9-28 09:20 upload download attachment (132.01, KB) 2012-9-28 09:21 upload download attachment (257.69, KB) Snoy PlayStation and the new Nike Zoom TR Low Huarache to launch a special edition to commemorate Sony got 2011 American occupation major league baseball game franchises, the shoe body color using the color shirt of Minnesota Shuangcheng team, navy blue color leather vamp collocation in boots bright red tongue, originally put Huarache badge the local sign was replaced by a special rubber PlayStation, insole is color pattern printed with game cover.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Robin J.Stolker, in many entertainment companies served as chief financial officer, including United International Pictures, Warner Brothers, who in 1996 joined Adidas, 2000 February has served as Group Chief Financial Officer, and became a board member in 2005, also serves as Group Human Resources Director. Over the past 10--15 years, the business of which Adidas is always full of variables Robin J.Stolker: in 2000, when we only have one brand, 10% of the world is coming from emerging markets, and only 10% of our international business accounted for too much, including Adidas, as well as expand a variety of business, we have diversified our business. In emerging markets we are part of the business accounted for 35%, which means that we are able to participate in a lot of business opportunities in emerging markets which, China, Russia, our market relatively strong, we offer a very attractive product, and the price very attractive, emerging these terms are very attractive upstart. From the Chinese point of view, is the location of the plant, an important source of Cheap foamposites for sale raw material products, about 30 percent of its products from China, more and more added value in terms of production, in the design of products, factories in China which were designed and production. Increase value-added, quality products, innovative products, very top of the products are manufactured in China, we have challenges in emerging markets is quite obvious, the emerging markets are dynamic, but on the other hand there are volatile, Our group in emerging markets, which have benefited the volatility in emerging markets are also challenging for us in terms of, for example, unstable currencies, not only to China, Russia, Turkey, Latin America, these countries are relatively weak currency, This also shows the rapid growth of our colleagues today, which is actually very good, is large, but from the financial terms we need to be able to help management properly control this growth, that is not to increase debt or deficit led to the phenomenon . Because the growth of the express time, sometimes unstable foundation, or the entire allocation of resources have not kept pace, we must ensure that the system can keep control, internal control in emerging markets is the need for good control, so that in this area We need concern. Adidas will be more international Robin J.Stalker: we go back and look at what we're doing over the past decade. Because in the past decade has laid some of the tone we now, in some areas, we have a lot to improve. Before us is a single domestic brand, then we slowly made a major international brand, over the past decade we have to do step by step. But after what we want more international, I come from New Zealand, it may have 500 employees in Germany, the headquarters of which 500 employees from 15 different countries, all of them work at the headquarters, so that Adidas is a highly international of the enterprise, not just American companies, not just a German company, so we do not the American method of approach is not the German method, but international methods. We were able to put the concept used in different international local market, so we do not just sports, we are concerned about every aspect of people's lives, we focus on these emerging markets, because people's lives are now emerging markets continue to carry out revolutionary change, we Different emerging markets, such as Russia, we have our own operated stores, there are about more than 1000 operated stores, 95% of business in Russia are carried out by a form of self-operated stores. So far, we have a market in Russia is the most competitive brand in some Eastern cheap jordans European countries where we are as a leading brand in their side to stay. In China, we own can not do alone, we have some partners, there are several key partners, about 8,000 stores, so we have to carry out different business models in different countries, we are concerned about is the core of young people fashion, their taste. We also set the different consumer groups, and now we are more concerned about the profitability of the business is, we are concerned about is a panoramic view, it is our earnings fundamentals, the fundamentals of our core business profitability is our sports products, we The core product is the core to carry out the edge of the industry, we are already doing some of the electronics industry, we have a wide range of sports industry to carry out some products, such as we have undertaken a number of ultra-light shoes, help athletes timing, we designed a watch This is some high-tech products, and we have achieved very good results. The largest consumer of these products are the United States, there are some basketball products, but we will slowly move these products shop inside China, which is our business conducted over the past decade. China will continue to follow market changes Robin J.Stalker: Obviously we will want to make more money in China, there is no doubt that this is crucial for us. We feel that China is the world's most important market, the reason is very simple, because in China, our market share has reached a certain extent, China's rapidly changing market, we will continue to follow up on this change in the market. Chinese consumers' needs become more complex, and that for us and a challenge, but also very important. Generally speaking, the general concern is that consumers, and we as a consumer brand, we of course also the same with the government concerned about consumer needs and preferences. With the Chinese market, we will be able to focus on increasingly complex value-added chain, consumers, especially the many young consumers, their needs become more complex, they are more concerned about self-realization, self-trend We need to absorb the wisdom of these young people, able to use the wisdom of these young designers, for example, we will cultivate third-party suppliers, our suppliers help us to grasp the needs of young people in the design, the Adidas Group , we did it with the entire Chinese market is closely related to, and now if there is a chance to see China's CFO, I will be very happy to meet with them. From the role of recruitment point of view, I think China can provide a lot of talent for us, before we opened in Dalian, a conference on the CFO, we see Chinese people have a lot of new CFO, and I am honored to be with you again Reaffirming: Many universities in China have set up finance department, they can meet the demand for talent Adidas in China. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Japan's leading shoe magazine "SHOES MASTER" is about to release the latest 24 journals, from magazine covers to see Supreme x Air Jordan 5 shoes jointly heavy figure, the specific content of which will be exclusive analysis of the two sides of the brand planning For more details, I believe that many shoes fans of this long-awaited friend. In addition, of course, there are other sports shoes brand and the latest information, so there is the intention to buy friends do not miss this wonderful view content. It is reported that, "SHOES MASTER" 24 ?? will begin shipping in September before crossover equipment initiated the brand "Worden card" was issued jointly by the China international brand development association and China industry brand management committee "ten industry leading brands of this award. The award witnessed the Fujian star Worden group's outstanding contribution to the industry and achieved brilliant results! ! learned that Worden won this award without its efforts in product quality, brand image, social responsibility and other aspects. On the other hand, it marks its brand strategy, brand value, market position and so on. It has been unanimously recognized by Chinese professional brand organizations and consumers. For the entire industry, Worden created the market subdivision card shoes, following the "professional, fashion, leisure and outdoor" after the new blue ocean "crossover equipment", to lead a new round of consumer trends. as we all know, with the continuous improvement of the national economy, the leisure tourism industry is changing and affecting everyone's life. Worden card to seize this opportunity for development, the first in the industry put forward the "brand positioning and product concept crossover equipment", resulting in the homogenization of the apparel brand competition, to find a breakthrough, make the difference between brand fast road. After more than two years of intensive and meticulous farming, success lay in the crossover equipment of the leading position of !Brand management committee Chinese industry judge said: "the ten industry leading brand" is to encourage and recognize those who drive the industry and market development of enterprise and the ad hoc awards, Worden card in the industry initiated the "crossover equipment", the award can be described as deserved! The award, to actively promote the Chinese the enterprise brand internationalization, promote the rapid development of Chinese brand business. won the "ten leading brands in the industry", and also made Fujian Hongxing Worden card group become the key demonstration and promotion unit in the clothing industry". Worden card group president Mr. Wu Ti said the company will actively cooperate with the "one mind, the award set up, continue to provide the most fashionable recreation equipment to consumers, to promote the development of the whole tourism industry faster and better ! honor is power is also a responsibility! The new height indicates the new achievements in the industry, Worden successfully occupied the "crossover equipment" in this market, the field has become the pioneer and innovator, this also means that Worden will take up the card the rise of leisure and tourism industry and the prosperity of the mission of shoes ! Air Max 1 and Woven, a retro fashion, and Nike Sportswear now combines the two, creating a Air Max 1 Black Woven with a Woven material". The shoes are based on the classic lines of Air Max 1. They are shown in black and white settings, and woven into the body of the shoe. Will you buy this mashup?After the Jordan Brand Westbrook launched the first signature shoe has a series of spy photos, today officially complete exposure. This section from Westbrook I understand and demand of fashion for inspiration, and usually travel in collocation for the design of the main line, in the design of minimalist using grey and white collocation, upper fender to imitation crocodile decoration, blessing and 3M reflective design, and the golden shoe buckle has undoubtedly become the most dazzling shoe body decoration. jordan-westbrook-0-grey-white.png (924.41 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Westbrook 0 2015-4-20 08:59 upload jordan-westbrook-0-grey-2.jpg (297.4 KB, download number: 19) download Jordan Westbrook 0 2015-4-20 08:59 upload jordan-westbrook-0-grey-1.jpg (212.22 KB, download number: 8) download Jordan Westbrook 0 2015-4-20 08:58 upload jordan-westbrook-0-grey-3.jpg (343.64 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Westbrook 0 2015-4-20 08:59 upload In addition to the Air Max Uptempo 97, Nike will be another Chizha 90s classic shoes Air Max Uptempo 2 in conjunction with the back, and this section will also be equipped with the same charming University Blue color comeback. Overbearing shoes made of high-quality suede and breathable mesh material splicing, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to oh. release date: February 18thPrice: nike-air-max-uptempo-94-university-blue-all-star.jpg (289.76 KB, download number: 22) download Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 University Blue 2017-2-12 09:14 upload nike-air-max-uptempo-94-university-blue-all-star-3.jpg (330.92 KB, download number: 21) download Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 University Blue 2017-2-12 09:13 upload nike-air-max-uptempo-94-university-blue-all-star-2.jpg (489.04 KB, download number: 22) download Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 University Blue 2017-2-12 09:13 upload nike-air-max-uptempo-94-university-blue-all-star-5.jpg (356.62 KB, download number: 21) download Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 University Blue 2017-2-12 09:14 upload nike-air-max-uptempo-94-university-blue-all-star-1.jpg (298.34 KB, download number: 21) download Nike Air 0is really yiboweiping another, "AJ11 LOW Concord" in the wake of the net is still not clear, the use of black and white color Concord classic landed Foamposite foaming shoes, the Nike Air Foamposite One "Concord" and the use of foam material to create black uppers, shoe upper body is used to form a strong contrast to white large, deep blue bottom re collocation. The number is 314996-005, will be officially on sale in June 28th. 2014-5-11 upload and download attachments at 14:05 (206.58, KB) Nike Air Presto is one of the sports shoe design Nike Sportswear in 90s, the most influential, the original S, M, L in size is quite novel, in the summer of 2011, launched a new style Nike Air Presto black version, only in the Swoosh logo and shoes with white, let the dark forces all distributed in the shoes on only by the material combination, collocation foil texture design, interested friends can do for reference.on Saturday to bring the XII LeBron version of the "Christmas" version of the fine map, this time for everyone to serve Nike Christmas Trilogy VII KD. Was named "Nike KD VII" eggnog and LeBron XII Christmas Edition, on the contrary, in red and white is the vamp is mainly characterized by that highly compatible with the Christmas Christmas theme, and then to green modified KD words. Shoe models will be available in the world on Christmas day. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: sneakernews