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; Russell Westbrook - Air Jordan 29; Terrence Ross - Lining Wade of the 4; Lebron James - Nike LeBron 13; Kevin - Nike Hyperdunk 2015 - Nike Kyrie 1 Tristan Thompson - Nike Soldier 9; Dwyne Wade - Lining Wade of 4 JR Smith - Nike LeBron 12; Stephen - Under Armour Curry library 2 Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015 James harden - PE - Nike Kobe 10 Andre Iguodala - Nike Hyperchase PE; Drummond;in the last century of China, has been wildly popular in a small white shoes. today, the 20 a few dollars sold in China only shoes, but the price has soared 20 times. Become a 500-1000 block can be sold to the European tide. You're not wrong, is so magical. This pair of white shoes with a strong socialist atmosphere of the Pinyin - Feiyue. , do you know Chinese shoes? Fu rubber factory was born in 1931. The beginning of the 50 year working shoe. Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale in the shoe on the basis of 1958, Fu rubber factory is designed for civilian use "leap" shoes. Leap shoes in the year officially entered the market, began a sustained decades of hot. at that time, from students, farmers to workers, and even officials...... Everyone on this pair of white shoes "put it down. A still insist on wearing Feiyue shoes old memories, the 1980s wear Feiyue shoes is noble, every day to wipe shoes very white, a little mud do not touch, this love clean is even considered to be "frivolous". A student, if in class to show off his shoes to show off his shoes will soon attract the eyes of girls. "A pair of shoes to wear for two years, in addition to the bottom wear, no stains and bad marks." Xiaobian see a story, boys to when it rains don't own Feiyue shoes dirty, rather than drag shoes barefoot ran home. (presumably China's new generation of Sneakerhead, that is, from t Cheap foamposites for sale he beginning of the leap shoes fans.) although leap shoes in a few decades, won a lot of honor, glory, fire a handful of.. But because of reorganization, and many other ownership changes, so many copycat "leap" loopholes. Production "leap" of the old plant because of serious losses have been moved to the outskirts of Shanghai, and the factory is more willing to lower prices for the international famous brand shoe foundry, but do not want to develop a new style. "Leap" to finally have not registered as a trademark, despite the fact that it is currently in domestic ownership still belongs to Dabowen shoe, but across the country have small workshop in the production of a "leap" logo shoes, which resulted in the "leap" of the market price from 12 yuan to 26 yuan range, quality is uneven. Original production "leap" of the old staff still remember, in glue smell filled the air, the sound of a ma jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black chine hongranzuoxiang workshop, a pair of "leap" to after the bottom, pressing, basting, brush pulp many process to shoes, from the upper stick to the sole, and machine stitched, almost no any mistakes, "accurate and machine comparable". A sales "leap" businesses, said: "because shoes sell the price, that a set of strict production process has long been forgotten, soles fracture, glue has become commonplace." however, suddenly came to China to learn Shaolin Martial Arts in France, sneakerhead, in the application of martial arts classes to learn martial arts, 〉0.jpg (67.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:57 2016-8-25 1.jpg (71.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:57 2016-8-25 2.jpg (77.54 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:57 2016-8-25 3.jpg (67.49 KB, download ti air jordan 11 space jam for sale mes: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:57 2016-8-25 0.jpg (585.77 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-30 21:09 upload The a product information. Color: yellow two appearance. 1.jpg (970.06 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-30 21:09 upload the toe wrapped rubber to a higher degree, the vamp fabrics, leather and other materials, hot film splicing, and in section of the strengthening, TPU external stability framework on the ankle. In the end from from the inside to the outside of the groove around the honeycomb support strip and the heel of the half circle is the most interesting place shoes. The reflective shoes rarely, only in the toe and heel on both sides of a total of 4 small.SUPREME and Clarks have worked together many times, and in the spring and summer, the two teams h cheap foamposites ave re created the classic Desert Boot to play new tricks again. The shoes will have fun side leather map pattern, light irregular patterns and bright red, dark green and light brown leather, the collision of simple and elegant visual effect, the soft rubber soles more let you walk in the city with a sense of comfort, the ankle is also redesigned slightly. No longer will tilt, grinding foot. On the insole, you can also see Clarks and Supreme brand words as a confirmation of the cooperation. New products will begin in May 9th, in New York, Losangeles, London Supreme stores and Supreme official website for sale, Japan is slightly delayed to May 11th shelves, like friends can pay more attention to see. of course, this pair of shoes can be seen as a single item introduced by Adidas, but if you count the sub branch lines, how many people can tell if this is Adidas's skateboard branch? 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From the exterior view, into a more street style, from Air Jordan 4; details of the elements as inspiration, hightops use mesh, perforated mesh, nubuck leather and calf leather stitching, a variety of texture and rich luxury level; bring black and white and red Bordeaux wine color, b jordans on sale mens lack and white a lining with the vitality of neon colors, black and white color and uniform with the sole highlighted street style. The ultimate material and brand effect also brings the ultimate price, from $950 per pair, luxury edition up to $1990, {div style=" text-align: center" 〉Stussy's "World Tour" World Tour Series in recent years and very attention, and recently launched a new "Stussy World Tour" series, by Herschel Supply Co. again with bag brand cooperation, is still a world tour as the theme, released 2014 new spring series package. 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The shop is specialized to make room for the display of discounted merchandise, some even put the shoe on the shop in the floats the most eye-catching position. Looking ahead, a special discount shoes, fashion and taste, seems to be relegated to the secondary side of the business. fast product updates, has been the season or outdated products, through discounts, both to avoid the backlog of goods caused by the cash flow, but also can satisfy the consumers "benefits" of psychology, of course no ground for blame. However, the merchant is not should be considered by other means to sell these products, such as discount stores or enter Pichu zones. put straight down 100 yuan of new and original products put together, the new popularity of natural damage. The main product is the business of the weapon, but Cheap jordans online should not be the "second line" products, which some have the order reversed a whoop and a holler. ECCO, really beautiful poetry and other high-end brands, the quality of the trend of the elements, strong price and excellent is impeccable, we seldom see the promotional discounts put up a pageantry in these shops. Just imagine, new shelves less than two months on the price, how to win the trust of consumers? Although it is just on the fashionable style, may soon will be put into the discount, consumers in a wait-and-see, shopping, how can easily pay? with the change of season and off-season sales, discounts and promotions will promote sales growth, but there should be a "degree", promotional activities should not become the main aspect of the business of sales. The main products and stable price in order to highlight the brand strength, to win the trust of customers, the sales remained stable. (Editor: admin) worked hard for one month to live, it is going to pay, but Scarlett shoe workers woke up and found that the home is located in Chengdu City, Wuhou District Zhenjiang Jinhua River Village factory closed, the plant has been empty, the boss of the mobile phone also always in the off state. Beginning yesterday morning, more than 60 workers gathered around the factory waiting to get paid, unwilling to leave for a long time. Coincidentally, not far from the shoe industry Liuyang river shoe industry, but also from yesterday can not find the person in charge. the boss ran away; the worker purchased the tool yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the city of Chengdu Wuhou District Zhenjiang Jinhua River Village four group, the boss ran the news had spread through the village Jiang'an river. Scarlett shoe factory gates closed, two stores have been pulled down next to the doors, together with some workers nearby in knots. on-site workers told reporters, Jiali shoe manufacturing mainly women's long boots, workers have nearly 70 people, the boss is Deyang Zhongjiang people, Yang and his wife, Mianyang people li. Two people since yesterday morning disappeared, the phone has been in a shutdown state. at two or three a. m. yesterday, it was found that the door of the shoe industry had been locked up; it was very strange because the door was usually open all night long. 7 in the morning, workers rushed to, and constantly call the boss Yang and Lee's cell phone, but still can not get through. Subsequently, the police rushed to the landlord to open the door, the workers are all silly, the factory was empty, including more than 20 units for leather sewing machines and dozens of sets of shoes purchased by the workers themselves. the residents who lived nearby said that last night they did hear the noise of the vehicles moving and moving in the factory, but they thought it was not the same thing that the shoes factory was shipping the goods. workers, salaried bosses, comfort, never run " should be paid! ": Wang Yan, a big town worker in Chongzhou City, was introduced by an acquaintance in September this year. She said, "the factory does not have the basic wage, it's all piecework and how much to take.". October live more, should be able to get around 2300 yuan. Dozens of people in the whole plant, a total of about 100000. The workers said that in the shoe factory work labor intensity is quite large, basically has to work until one or two in the morning for second days, second days more than 6 in the morning to go to work, go more than " when, even to dry overnight. " 〈)